Digital Billboards Provide Affordable Advertising and Marketing for the CBD and Medical Marijuana Industry

Outdoor advertising and digital billboards are an affordable marketing and advertising medium and tool that help Cannabidiol (CBD) vendors, cannabis (aka weed, pot, ganja, grass), medicinal marijuana dispensaries, medical professionals, manufacturers of THC infused products, and medical marijuana organizations to grow retail sales, brand their businesses, and influence industry perception.  Contact Atomic Billboards Today! Leading drug […]

New To Outdoor Billboard Advertising – Use Fliphound’s Online Buying Platform in Wichita Kansas

Fliphound’s started with one Atomic billboard in Wichita Kansas and now serves thousands of advertisers who buy digital billboards direct on our platform in more than 40 states.  Fliphound’s self service platform makes digital billboard adverting easy.  Approximately 85% of Fliphound’s advertisers are new to outdoor advertising and ~90% are local-direct advertisers who are tech […]

Billboard Advertising (OOH) Industry Facts, Data and Statistics in Wichita Kansas

National and local brands have used out-of-home (OOH) advertising for many years, but not many companies might be aware of the full advantages that outdoor advertising offers. Here are some billboard facts: 7 out of 10 outdoor advertising ad campaigns promote local businesses who are trying to drive brand awareness in their local communities. Consumers […]

Use digital billboards with social media, web, SEO advertising to promote clients and products in Wichita Kansas

Local and national digital marketing agencies regularly use digital billboards with web, social media, email, and other online campaigns to promote their clients to local audiences. Digital billboards are social media ready and work for online advertising companies and campaigns! Adding out-of-home (OOH) and digital billboard advertising to your media mix extends reach, generates buzz […]

Construction & Home Improvement Outdoor Billboard Advertising and Marketing using billboards

Today’s construction and home improvement professionals are turning to outdoor advertising and digital outdoor billboards as a way to connect with homeowners, DIYers, developers, land owners, landlords, and others who are in need of construction products or services.  Roofing, decking and landscaping companies are regular users of digital billboards and use digital displays to showcase […]

Ad Agency and Brands use digital billboards to promote clients and products in Wichita Kansas

Local and national agencies regularly us outdoor advertising and digital billboards to help their clients reach local audiences. Atomic Billboards works with hundreds of local and national agencies and billboard brokers who are looking for ways to incorporate out-of-home advertising and digital billboards into their services offerings.   59 percent of motorists noticed a digital […]

Billboard in Wichita Kansas Profile: Rock Road and E. Kellogg 8220 E. Kellogg, Wichita, Kansas 67207

Local direct advertisers, national and local and national agencies are regular advertisers on this popular and high traffic large format digital billboard sign. The 14’x48’ digital face is located on east Kellogg at the exit to the busy and upscale Rock road and is used by leading national and regional advertisers including T-Mobile, Dillon’s, Dunkin […]