Restaurant and Bar Advertising in Wichita, Kansas

Local and national restaurant owners, chains and managers are among the most frequent digital billboard and out-of-home (OOH) advertisers. Top and leading local restaurants and specialty food retailers can leverage affordable digital outdoor billboard advertising to promote their locations, menu, brands, and highlight new carry out or delivery services. Restaurants rank as one of the highest spenders in outdoor advertising. Whether your restaurant is part of a large chain, quick service restaurant (QSR), a regional restaurant or a local eatery, we know that digital outdoor billboard advertising can work for you and attract hungry customers or promote new menus. Thousands of single, multi-store and chain restaurants are already using digital billboards to reach and attract new diners, grow revenue, and to expand their delivery and take out services.  Digital, LED or electronic billboards are an effective and proven medium that allows restaurants professionals to deliver just the right message at just the right time to a wide variety of audiences.

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Our partner Fliphound operates the largest nationwide online digital billboard network and provides advertisers access to more than 750+ premium billboard locations reaching hundreds of thousands of motorists each day in Wichita Kansas and millions of people nationally on a daily basis.  

Click to learn more about how restaurants, QSRs, fine dining, bars and other food vendors use Fliphound in other markets to promote their menus and services to local audiences.


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