Digital Billboards Provide Affordable Advertising and Marketing for the CBD and Medical Marijuana Industry

Outdoor advertising and digital billboards are an affordable marketing and advertising medium and tool that help Cannabidiol (CBD) vendors, cannabis (aka weed, pot, ganja, grass), medicinal marijuana dispensaries, medical professionals, manufacturers of THC infused products, and medical marijuana organizations to grow retail sales, brand their businesses, and influence industry perception. 

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Leading drug store chain retailers including CVS and Walgreens and online companies like Amazon all are branding and selling CBD-infused topicals and products.  As CBD infused products go mainstream leading vendors are using billboard advertising to get their messages out to consumers about the therapeutic properties of this powerful cure-all.


Billboard advertising is widely used by vendors promoting their locations and services in in states where recreational marijuana has been legalized. In many other states local advocates use digital billboard ads to begin important discussions about the legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use, build awareness, encourage local support and push ballot initiatives with lawmakers.

Our partner Fliphound operates the largest nationwide online digital billboard network and provides advertisers access to more than 750+ premium billboard locations reaching hundreds of thousands of motorists each day in Wichita Kansas and millions of people nationally on a daily basis.  

Click to learn more about advertisers who use Fliphound in other markets to promote medical marijuana, cbd products and related services.

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