Use digital billboards with social media, web, SEO advertising to promote clients and products in Wichita Kansas

Local and national digital marketing agencies regularly use digital billboards with web, social media, email, and other online campaigns to promote their clients to local audiences. Digital billboards are social media ready and work for online advertising companies and campaigns! Adding out-of-home (OOH) and digital billboard advertising to your media mix extends reach, generates buzz and definitely adds impact to digital campaigns. Many successful services businesses including plumbers, electricians, heating and air conditioning companies (HVAC), pest control and other local business use billboards with online advertising campaigns. With these and other local businesses name recognition matters and needs to be on the top of every consumers minds when they search and buy from your business. 

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When OOH is added to a media plan, it can increase the reach of an overall campaign by 18% for TV campaigns, 45% for radio campaigns, 68% for web campaigns, 212% for social (web) campaigns, and 316% for mobile apps, according to a Touchpoint USA Billboard Study.  Integrating social media or mobile campaigns with digital billboards can help create a circle of communication, encouraging both the customer and business to build a stronger and more engaging relationship.

Access Wichita’s premium billboard network and find billboards in Wichita Kansas and other Oklahoma markets click for Atomic Billboard Locations and inventory.

For digital billboard advertising and costs in more than 600+ cities turn to our affiliate Fliphound and search our network of more than 750+ digital billboards.  Click to learn more about how SEO and Digital marketing agencies use billboard advertising.

If your web developer, digital agency, or digital marketing company that has worked hard to develop a new website and optimize search engine optimization (SEO) local results for your client, use our billboards to drive customers to it!


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