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Let’s face it is rare to find a local business that can grow revenue from only word-of-mouth marketing and customer referrals and next to impossible for new businesses to do this making the appropriate investments. The challenge for large and small businesses is how to affordably generate traffic (online or in-store), leads, and sales. Business owners general have two options – make costly investments in expanding your sales and marketing teams or using marketing and advertising to promote your business.

Our locally owned and based billboard company, has existing local audiences, and is committed to helping local businesses and events reach audiences in Wichita Kansas and surrounding communities.

Work with local digital marketing experts who know Wichita audiences and are 100% focused on Wichita, KS.

When done right advertising and marketing promotion can be one of the most cost effective and efficient ways to accomplish your business and sales objectives. As a general rule of thumb, the average consumer needs to see something at least 10 times before they take a call to action – so diversify your reach by using different media to get in front of your audience. Successful advertising for large and small companies depends on establishing credibility in the marketplace, targeting, and reaching local audiences with relevant messages that build your brand, engage customers and drive traffic to your online or offline business (brick and mortar business) or local event.

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For more information on buying and reaching local audiences see #buylocalreachlocal  and #localadvertising.

For creative billboard ad ideas see Fliphound’s ad gallery by industry for more examples of effective billboard ads

Our online affiliate Fliphound allows you to buy local Wichita (ICT) billboards on the Atomic Billboard network and provides you access to the largest online public digital buying platform with more than 730+ digital billboards in 40 states.

Access the Wichita’s premium billboard network and find billboards in Wichita Kansas and other Oklahoma markets– see Atomic Billboards locations.


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