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Billboards play well with others

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Media mixes build a well-rounded brand


Reinforce a brand or message in multiple mediums for a greater affect on an audience. Visually, LED messages can extend the TV message and aid in recall. Outdoor messaging can help maintain an image in between TV flights. Overall reach and frequency is greater.


Sight and sound combination is proven to be effective. Lower cost per thousand to supplement radio. Reach motorists who have transitioned to digital radio.


Tie coupons into LED advertisements. Perfect for reaching an upscale customer. Both outdoor messaging and newspaper reach an older, higher income consumer.

Direct Mail

Remind consumers of special offers in their mailbox. Reach consumers who are not homeowners or who have registered their address with the Mailing Preference Service.

The rapid evolution of offsite signs now allows advertisers to create an optimal media mix.

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Media Cost Comparison

Media Cost Comparison Table

Outdoor, digital billboard and OOH advertising costs less than radio, TV or print on a CPM basis click for latest research.

Cost Per Thousand (CPM) Definition: The cost to deliver a message to 1,000 people or homes. This figure is obtained by dividing the cost of an ad by the size of the audience in thousands.

Source: Jefferies & Company, Media Dynamics. InterMedia Dimensions and Company Reports. "Snapshot of the Global Media Landscape." Provided by eMarketer.

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