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Holiday greetings

Display your company’s holiday greetings on area digital billboards. Each impression is approximately $0.05 - that’s cheaper than printing and postage.

Celebrate personal events

Can’t find the right thing to say to a loved one? Celebrate an anniversary or birthday on area digital billboards. Displaying messages, pictures, photographs, or advertising images on a billboard is a great last minute gift. Order today, display your ad tomorrow. Wish mom and dad a happy anniversary on a digital billboard.

Let your birthday star shine on an Atomic digital billboard.

Show how proud you are of a loved one’s accomplishments.

Make a lasting impression on a special day. Atomic billboards are the largest yard signs in town!

Click for examples of how consumers and loved ones are sharing personal messages (birthday, special occasion and other news) using digital billboards. Put that special person’s name in lights on high impact and impressive digital billboards and signs. For maximum visibility and exposure use digital billboards and outdoor advertising!

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360 Impressions (once every four minutes for 24 hours) $39.95/day
720 Impressions (once every two minutes for 24 hours) $59.95/day
1,440 Impressions (once every minute for 24 hours) $99.95/day

Got a bright idea?

Display your bright idea on one of Atomic's digital billboards!