Outdoor vs. Paper

Breaking news now hits the streets faster

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No wait for press time

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Circulation and readership have declined for years as newspapers try to remain a player in the media arena. A clutter of advertisements in smaller publications does not allow an ad to stand out among its competitors. The newspaper's audience is aging as younger readers go to the web to find more up-to-date information.

Direct Mail

Postage, paper costs and database fees have become more expensive, making direct mail the least cost-effective means of advertising. Most consumers refer to direct mail as "junk mail." Recipients of direct mail tend to have a lower opinion of the more cost-efficient mailing that combines multiple advertisers into one piece of creative.

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It’s invasive - digital billboards can never be thrown away or disregarded.

LED advertisements are free to consumers - no need to purchase a subscription.

There are more drivers hitting the streets than ever before.

LED advertisements are immediate and do not rely on a print schedule.

Advertisers also have the ability to use live RSS/XML feeds to update their LED messages.

Convergys displayed their Help Wanted ad on LEDs in the Wichita market.

Help Wanted Ad