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Effective outdoor digital billboard advertising ad design

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Bold Creative and Example Ads

Choose fonts wisely

As a general rule, digital artwork is best with bold fonts that contrast with the background. Artwork for signs should be clear, simple, precise and easy to read. Use a typeface that does not consist of thin lines that could look broken up to a motorist. Adding an outline to your text can help separate it from the background.

One page Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) briefing guide shows how color combinations, contrast and readability can affect billboards ads.

Bold and Beautiful attracts

Access your artwork

The average viewing time of an LED is approximately six seconds. Stand at a distance from another person and flash your artwork for five seconds. Were they able to read the entire creative? Was there a call to action? Were they able to make out the image?

Details of an image can be hard to point out. Are the shoes, the dress or the woman's hair the point of the ad?

By focusing on the details of a product, motorists immediately know the point of the message.

For inspiration and ideas see effective billboard ad templates and examples:

See Atomic Ad Gallery

See Fliphound Creative Ad Library and Templates

Click for comprehensive study by OAAA highlighting important design guidelines for creating effective billboard advertisements.

Pastel backgrounds and cursive fonts do not stand out to motorists.

This does not catch the attenttion of motorists.

White space does not apply

Printed materials often use white space in their advertisements, however, in outdoor the rule does not apply. If you have available space, increase your fonts and images. Every inch of the LED artwork is valuable.

What exactly is being sold here?

Details Get Noticed

Flashy Creative

Well-executed ads move
the masses

The Best Ads Are Simple. Designs will need to be read from a distance. Display one idea or thought.

Make a Bold Statement. As a general rule, the best artwork consists of SEVEN words or less.

Differences Are Good. A strong contrast between the images, logo and background is essential to a motorist understanding a message.

One Idea Is Best. The best artwork consists of ONE headline, ONE logo and ONE image.

Advertising Images can be tricky

To pick up the details in an advertising image, crop the picture to focus on one specific area. Motorists have difficulty noticing the fine details of a campaign. Make sure your ad image is relevant to the message and text in your artwork.

The National Center for Aviation Training hosted an open house and invited and thanked the public by utilizing the LEDs in the Wichita market.

WATC Join Us

WATC Going On Now

WATC Thank You

Farha Roofing displayed digital advertisements during and
immediately after storms hit the Wichita area.

Creative Art Bad Creative Art Good